Betsy DeVos is all About Change

Betsy DeVos was born In Holland on 8th January 1958 to Edgar and Elsar DeVos. She enjoyed a happy and fulfilled relationship with her parents, especially her dad, who loved her and taught her responsibility from an early age. Since Edgar was an influential industrialist and philanthropists in Holland, Betsy picked most of her values from her father. From a young age, Betsy showed leadership abilities and was elected to leadership posts right from the time she was in elementary school. However, Betsy’s leadership ability was formed well when she was in Calvin Michigan College, where she vied for many political posts and was elected. Former Students in the college say that Betsy always delivered her promises as a student leader and fought for the positive transformation of the institution.

Nothing much has changed about Betsy, as she is still the transformational leader, who disrupts what she dislikes. In an interview, Betsy DeVos said that she intends to leave the society better than she found it by helping make changes. Most times. Betsy and her husband implement changes through their philanthropic contributions to political and charitable courses. Mainly, Betsy says that her main area of interest is the education field, where she finds the old public system outdated and unhelpful. Consequently, for decades, Betsy and Dick have made the education sector in America a priority. The two mostly give to Charter and Voucher Schools, which they claim are better alternatives to the old public school system. Betsy says that her perspective changed decades back when she attended a meeting at the Potter’s House School, owned by the renowned televangelist Bishop Thomas Jakes. Betsy and Dick noticed that the school attracted many kids, some whose parents could not manage to pay the fees since they were higher than the public schools. However, the parents preferred the school because it offered their kids a safer learning environment. These parents struggled to raise the fees just to escape the poor public school system. From that day henceforth, Betsy and Dick vowed to support some kids pay for their education. They have since then been providing the school with some packages annually to cater for the fees of the kids, who are disadvantaged. Betsy desires to see the children enjoy a better future, and she says that the only way is to help them attain decent education.

Donald Trump recently appointed Betsy as the U.S. Secretary of Education due to her passion and vision. Betsy intends to overhaul the school system by ensuring that it meets the needs of kids from all zip codes. However, the supporters of the public system fear that she will disrupt the flow of things. Nevertheless, Betsy says he interest is the destiny of the kids in her new role.


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The Healthy Food Craving that Led to a Million Dollar Business Empire

When Nathaniel Ru, Nicholas Jammet, and Jonathan Neman were third-year students at Georgetown, they discussed how limited their choices of healthy food were at the campus. Little did they know that this would give birth to one of their best business ideas, and one which would earn them national fame and make them millionaires?

Well, good thing they decided to solve the problem that was initially personal by setting up an organic food court to serve the University fraternity. Today, most of the famous food joints wish that their success story was as interesting as that of Sweet Green.

The company specializes in healthy, organic and seasonal food which is grown locally. The company aims to transform the eating habits of the locals and make them more aware of the food choices that they make and guide them towards a healthy lifestyle.

They have created a business model which helps them get the produce from farmers who are certified to be growing it organically, and also to make sure that nothing from the farming efforts goes to waste.

The most inspiring thing is the odds they had to beat to make their company a sensation. The first challenge they had was the fact that even though they were studying finance-related courses, none of them had a hands-on experience running a business before.

When they made their first business plan, it was criticized by the landlady they were hoping to get the business premises lease from. Learn more about Nathaniel Ru: and

She, however, turned out to be their best blessing as she helped them fine-tune their business proposal and get people to invest.

Another strategy they have applied to solidify their success is that they have taken their business online. The trio created an application which the customers use to make orders. Nathaniel disclosed that about 30 percent of the sales made by the company are made through this app.

The app works well for them because a huge percentage of their customers are millennials. Then, there is the Sweetlife Venture and the concerts which they prepare annually attracting thousands of fans.

About Nathaniel Ru

Ru graduated from the Georgetown McDonough School of Business in 2007. The 32-year-old studied finance. He is a co-CEO to the company and lives in New York. He is also a principal at the SWTLF Ventures. Nathaniel Ru is a real inspiration to young entrepreneurs.

Kim Dao Prepares For Her Adventures In Paris

It is the second day in Copenhagen. Kim Dao will be shopping with Bambigirl today. Kim Dao has gotten a good amount of sleep. She is refreshed and ready for the day. She always wake up early when she visits Europe. Kim Dao has breakfast and coffee. She is now ready to go out. Kim’s cousin is picking them up to go shopping. She is going to Paris tomorrow and she needs some new outfits for her photos. She is going to edit some videos while she has the free time. Learn more:


Kim Dao and Bambigirl has made it to their destination. They are looking at the colorful houses. They stop to have lunch. They do a lot of shopping for some cute outfits. They take a break and have a snack. Kim Dao is trying on clothes but a lot of the clothes she likes are too big for her. They have finished shopping and is headed back to Central Station. They have made it back to the station and wait for the train to come. They eat some steak.


They have made it back home. Bambigirl shows what she purchased first. Bambigirl purchased clothing items, lipstick, and some other small items. She shows how the lipstick looks on her. Kim Dao purchased a nice coat and some shoes. They have some cake afterwards. They spent a few hours playing a game. Kim Dao heads to bed. She is excited about her Paris trip. She hasn’t been in three years.


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Eric Lefkofsky; The Future Of Cancer Treatment Will Depend On Genomic Sequencing and Big Data

After exiting his role as the Chief Executive Officer at Groupon, Eric Lefkofsky has been up to a lot. He has thrown his all his energies behind a new startup called Tempus that he also helped co-found. The startup is committed to ensuring that the field of cancer treatment gets data-driven and precise therapies.

According to the Tempus website, the company’s primary objective is to help medical experts in the area of cancer treatment make more accurate and personalized diagnostic and therapeutic decision. The decisions on what treatment to prescribe to a given patient need to be informed by several factors including the genetic makeup of that patient. Through intensified research, Eric Lefkofksy is optimistic that the cost of conducting genomic sequencing will be brought down significantly. Having understood the genetic composition of a particular patient, doctors can proceed to administer personalized treatments which have a higher success rate and more information click here.

Tempus collects vast amounts of genomic and therapeutic data from cancer patients and then using cutting edge technology organizes the data so that usage patterns can be established. At the moment, Tempus is focusing on breast, lung and pancreatic cancer patients with plans to scale its scope to include other types in the future and learn more about Eric.

Because Eric Lefkofksy has made a lot of success in the business world by creating disruptive brands, Tempus is expected to champion revolutionary treatments as far cancer is concerned. One of the reasons as to why Eric Lefkofsky is committed to ensuring that cancer patients get precise treatments is because his wife also battled with cancer. When Eric took his wife for a medical checkup, he discovered that there was not enough clinical and molecular data that doctors can use to base their decisions. This experience heightened his quest of making cancer treatment precise and personalized and Eric’s lacrosse camp.

As a former CEO to one of the leading e-commerce enterprise, Groupon, Eric’s badge is decorated with numerous feats. His prominence and impact in the world of business are irrefutable. Some of the brands Eric has played a vital role in establishing include InnerWorkings, Echo Global Logistics, Mediaocean, and Uptake.

Roberto Santiago Accomplishments in Business

Roberto Santiago is famed for being one of the most successful and influential businessmen that are based in Brazil. Roberto Santiago has been in the business world for a very long time, and he has accomplished a lot. Santiago is the proud owner of the largest shopping complex that is found in the country, and it is known as the Roberto Manaira Shopping Mall. The businessman was born and raised in the country, and he felt that the best place to invest was Brazil.


Santiago was born in a middle-class family, and he went to local schools for his education. After completing his high school education, Santiago went to the prestigious Pio X- Marist College in Brazil. Santiago also enrolled in the University of Canter where he acquired a degree in business administration. The university education enabled the successful businessman to start a cartonnage firm. The company did very well, and it laid the foundation for his successful career. The success of the company motivated him and gave him the money he needed to acquire a piece of land where he constructed the Manaira Shopping Mall.


The large mall is very significant in the country. This is because it offers a wide variety of services to the people based in Joao Pessoa and other parts of Brazil. Due to the facilities found in the Mall, clients from all over the world visit to enjoy a vacation. Since it was founded, the mall has done well in the international platform because of several reasons. First of all, it offers consumers the best services and products. The business aims at strengthening the bond with clients in the world. Individuals who visit the facility say that they enjoyed the services because of the comfort, leisure and fun activities found in the mall.


Roberto Santiago successful career did not come on a silver platter. Several years ago, the businessman had to work at one of the local cafes that is found in Santa Rosa. However, because of passion in business, Santiago felt that it was time to venture into the industry. At first, the cartonnage company faced a lot of challenges, but it emerged to be very successful. The Brazilian economy was not experiencing any growth, but the businessman worked hard to make his company as successful as possible.


The Manaira Shopping Mall is famed for its movie theatre. The facility attracts clients from all over the world because of its numerous features. The theatre has some of the latest screens, and it shows the best movies in the country. The gym in the facility is out of this world too. The gym is well-equipped with the best products and professionals to make the customer happy. There are several leisure activities that benefit the whole family too.


Equities First Holding: A Company Which Offers Alternative Financial Solutions

Equities first holdings, LLC (EFH) is a company that offers its clients and customers a unique way or an alternative financial option and solution. They achieve this mainly through giving capital which goes hand in hand with the stock that is traded publicly. Therefore, enabling its clients and customers to meet not only their personal goals but also their professional goals. It is important to note that Equity First holdings also supply capital which is provided against shares that are normally traded around the world of business during public exchange forums. Equity First Holdings is much renowned for its great deals when it comes to financing various institutions. It, for instance, provides its clients with loans at low and affordable interest rates which are regularly fixed. The company itself, Equity First Holdings has completed more than 700 transactions up to now. This has generated approximately 1.4 Billion United States Dollars up to date and more information click here.

It is also important to note that Equities First Holdings is an international company with offices globally. It has, for instance, offices in around nine countries across the globe. Among this are subsidiaries which are wholly owned. These include Equities first Limited which is located in London in the United Kingdom, Equities first Holding Hong Kong limited, and Equities First Holdings Australia Limited.

Equity First Holdings specializes mainly in coming up with efficient reliable and effective alternative ways and solutions for individuals and also businesses around the globe who are searching to find non-purpose capital. Clients and customers like to work with Equity First holdings mainly because the company is capable of providing fast working capital. The company offers unmatched financial solutions, especially during a financial crisis. It is, therefore, one of the best stock based loan providers in the world. Within the past ten years, Equity First Holdings has proved itself in providing a considerable amount of money to the loans presented to it and learn more about Equities First Holdings.

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Michael Lacey: Voice Of The Village

Michael Lacey went to Arizona State University after graduating from high school. In 1970 he dropped out of college and joined together with a few other college friends to launch the Phoenix New TImes. The publication focused on serving as an alternative to the then conservative coverage of various campus antiwar protest.

Lacey and friends were not satisfied with the conservative media. So Lacey published his personal response and this set him off on the road that eventually led to garnering more and more experience as he began a career. Lacey joined forces with Jim Larkin and they started looking into a number of different social issues and political subjects in the free weekly publication.

This news source soon gained a major following. Soon the Phoenix New Times became one of the most read alternative newspapers in the country. The years were kind and Lacey and company met with success.

Michael Lacey decided to expand his company by purchasing Westword. He would continue to acquire other publications until he had a total of 17 newspapers focused on promoting similar messages and angles on stories that were not otherwise covered. Naturally, Lacey and his partner Larkin also faced many challenges over those years as well but they worked through them all.

Years later this newspaper empire would grow to become Village Voice Media Holdings. Village Voice Media Holdings garnered a reputation of being truly committed to the First Amendment. Lacey and Larkin strove to protect it as well.

Typically the staff would cover various current events. They favored publishing long term investigation articles using a catered, more sophisticated approach. Their magazine style of formatting would help them grow a faithful following of more than 60 million readers over the years.

Despite being a college dropout, Michael Lacey was able to work to build a veritable media empire that got the attention of millions of monthly readers. Lacey would eventually sell his media empire. During his career, he worked to change not only how newspapers worked but also how they communicated with their readers. Considered by some to be a type of hero. he changed media in the U.S.

UKV PLC – Sourcing The Best Wines From Across The Globe

If you are looking for some of the best wines available in the world, you need to find a wine retailer who can provide you with a wide variety of wines. One of the most trusted names in the business of wine retailing is UKV PLC, which stocks wines from across the globe.

There are many different kinds of wines one can buy at UKV PLC, starting from French wines to Spanish wines and from Italian Wines to other European wines. The company is formed by some of the best wine consultants in the wine industry, ensuring that the end users always get the best wines and reliable wine consultancy services.

Wine consultancy services offered by UKV PLC helps in ensuring that the users can find the wines they are looking for and know more about the different wines the company offers. It is not possible for even the most experienced wine connoisseur to know all about the various kinds of wines that are available these days, and it is where the help of wine consultancy service provided by UKC PLC can come to rescue.

There are many people today that are in the wine business in an independent manner, which means they are just collecting fine investment grade wines to be resold in the future with a premium. It is a kind of investment that many people are making these days as the demand for the fine wines has been increasing significantly and the stock of the excellent wines are depleting at a massive pace.

It only makes it a natural phenomenon for the prices of the fine wines to increase gradually in the future. The wine consultants at UKV PLC would help you choose the right wines for your collection to enhance its value even further. The wine specialists at UKV PLC would first understand your long term objective and after that provide you with the guidance you need to make the most of your investments. The wine consultants at UKV PLC would help you choose the wines that would go along with taste and preferences. So, if you are looking to buy wine to add to your collection, trust UKV PLC.

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Spotlight on Smart Financial Professional

Within the world of business nothing is more vital than having intelligent financial officers in an company. These professional ensure that finances are properly distributed and managed correctly. Kevin Seawright exemplifies what intelligent financial officating truly is. For the past thirteen years, Mr. Seawright has served in both government as well as private organizations. His experience as a manager of finance has allowed him set a track record of success and accomplishments. Read more: Kevin Seawright Joins Newark Community Economic Development Corporation

Over the years his many positions have allowed him to have a firm grasp of Human Resources as well as other aspects of team building. Currently Kevin Seawright serves as an Executive Vice President at Newark Economic Development Corporation.

According to Crunchbase, with Kevin Seawright’s years of experience also came a desire to help improve the quality and conditions of residents in Baltimore community. Mr. Seawright created the company RPS Solutions LLC in 2015. Since the inception of the company the focus has been on creating affordable housing and to also help strengthen the city of Baltimore.

The desire is to help first time home owners grab a small piece of the American dream. The end goal of the organization is the ensure that the residents of Balitmore are able to exceed their current home ownership rates. Currently the home ownership rate is forty nine percent.

However communities like Belvedere Square show signs of progress in the right direction. Through home ownership, Mr. Seawright believes this will improve economic issues in certain neighborhoods as well as create opportunities for more home owners in the future.

Ricardo Tosto Knows How to Run a Law Firm

Running a law firm in Brazil can be complicated. The Brazilian Constitution is always changing and it can be hard for people to keep up with the newest laws in the country. Lawyers need to make sure that they stay on top of the information published in this document and they also need to make sure that they are constantly continuing their educational opportunities so that they will be able to show people what they are capable of. The ideas that Brazil has on law are all related to the different things that they are able to do and the different opportunities that they have no matter where they are located. Since Brazil is a place that does not have many lawyers, they are all able to work well and many do not even have to compete with other ones since they do not have many that are close to them and learn more about Ricardo.

Ricardo Tosto is one attorney who really does not need to worry about competition. This is because he is so good at law and because he knows the right way to do things so that he will be able to get more out of the opportunities that he has. Ricardo Tosto has always worked to make sure that he is doing things the right way and to ensure that the law firm is growing. He wants to show people how to successfully run a law firm and he has come a long way in the time that he has been practicing law.

In combination with the other attorneys who are a part of his firm, Ricardo Tosto represents many big names in Brazil. He has helped celebrities, corporations and even the government with their legal needs. Since Ricardo Tosto is so good at what he does, he knows that he will be able to help people with the options that they have no matter what they are looking for in Brazil. He has even helped with the Brazilian Constitution to make sure that it covers everything that it is supposed to and to ensure that people don’t have to worry about what is legal or not legal and Ricardo’s lacrosse camp.

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