Hussain Sajwani Will Continue His Business Association With Trump

Hussain Sajwani is a billionaire who is based in Dubai. He is in the Real Estate business. He is well-known for the luxurious properties that he has built.

He started his career with the food service business. He was able to build up good contacts with the US Marines since that was his customer. Today Hussain Sajwani is considered as a big name in real estate through his firm, Damac Properties. He is the Damac owner and CEO. Still, his food service business is a part of the Damac Group now.

The Hussain Sajwani family have worked with Donald Trump before. They have built luxury golf course residences. These had helped them to earn nearly $2 billion.

Once Trump was elected as President of US, he announced that he will not be doing any new business deals while he is in this office. But this did not deter Hussain Sajwani. He says that he has professional relations as well as personal terms with the Trump family. Read more: DAMAC Chairman Relishes His Roots

All were aware of this as he had celebrated this New Year Eve with the Trumps at their place. Also, his wife and the wife of Donald Trump are good friends who share e-mails.

Hussain Sajwani claims that even before the US election results were out, he had been informed by Trump about this decision.

But he also communicated to him that his company will still continue doing business with him. Now the reins of his company will be in the hands of the next generation. The business will now be handled by the sons of Trump along with some senior executives.

Hussain Sajwani has done business earlier too with Trump’s children. He has claimed that he is highly impressed with the kind of professionalism and leadership qualities which all of them possess. He constantly speaks about Ivanka Trump taking complete control of the business even while she was pregnant.

Hussain Sajwani feels convinced that this way his business relationship with the Trumps will get deeper and stronger with time. He further mentions that the brand value of Trump’s business has moved higher up as he became the President of the US. Now Hussain Sajwani would like to benefit from this enhanced brand image.

Wen by Chaz – Choosing the Right Formula

Everyone in the hair world now knows that sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) can be the ultimate enemy in the struggle for healthy hair. Chaz Dean, the creator of Wen by Chaz, discovered long ago how harsh and abrasive sulfates can be on the hair. This realization sparked the cleansing conditioner revolution.

You’ve probably read all the reviews about how amazing this product leaves your hair feeling, but which product is right for your hair type? A blogger on did an experiment to see what would happen if she used Wen hair by Chaz for 7 days straight using the Fig formula. Initially, she was was concerned about the recommended number of pumps. The directions indicate 10-16 pumps for short hair, and 16-24 pumps for medium hair. The blogger has fine, medium hair, and thought 24 pumps of cleansing conditioner might weigh her hair down too much, causing breakage. She chose to go with the bare minimum recommendation.

She immediately noticed that her hair was clean, soft and voluminous (as indicated by her first results picture). After 7 days, her experiment was a success! She loved the results. Her only issue was that after the first use, her hair seemed slightly more oily than normal. This may be because she opted to use the Fig formula. The Fig formula is designed for dry and over processed hair. The constituents in that formula provide extra moisture and conditioning oils to help repair the damaged hair. The Cucumber and Aloe formula is recommended for fine and oily tresses, Tea Tree for thick hair, and Sweet Almond Mint for all hair types. Make sure you pick the right formula for your hair type. Wen hair care products are available on QVC stores and Guthy-Renker.

For more product information, visit the Wen crunchbase Page.

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Dr. Reddy Starts MB2 Dental To Help Dentists

Dr. Akhil Reddy started MB2 Dental to ensure that all dental offices could be managed properly. There are a number of dental offices that need help with their management, and they often ask for help because they cannot get it anywhere else.

This article explains how MB2 Dental allows customers to manage their offices without wasting patient time. Dentists must be with their patients as much as possible, and they will find it quite simple to get help from the MB2 Dental staff when needed.

#1: All Clerical Work

The clerical work to be done in the office must be completed by the MB2 Dental staff because they are assigned to a dental office they work for. They will go through all the paperwork quickly, and they will handle everything from the insurance claims to the patient forms.

Each piece of paperwork that is used in the office will pass through the MB2 Dental office, and someone who wishes to have a piece of paperwork checked may have that done at any time. Learn more about Dr Akhil Reddy:

#2: Payroll

Crunchbase revealed that Payroll in the office is quite important as it may be put together every week by the MB2 Dental office. They will send the proper amount of money to everyone in the office, and they will complete all tax and benefits forms. They will send payments tot he companies that offer benefits to the staff, and they will make tax payments to the government where needed. Everyone who is searching for a simple way to handle payroll may hand it off to MB2 to save time.

#3: Hiring

There are many different people who may be hired to work in the dental office, and they will come to the office through the MB2 Dental system. The company is expert in hiring people to work in dental offices, and they know who is best to work in each capacity in the office. It is important that hiring not take up much time in the office, and the perfect candidates may be hired by MB2 Dental for each office.

The office that is managed by a dentist may not have enough time in the day for clerical and financial work. Allowing MB2 Dental to handle everything for the dentist is simple, and it will save the office money. Dentists will have more time for patients, and they will make a small payment to MB2 Dental every month.

Importance of Headshots – How Nine9 Can Help You

If you want to grow as an actor, there is one thing that you need in order to succeed and be seen by casting directors the right way. The one thing you will always need is a headshot. It can dictate who you are as a person in the eyes of casting directors. In the world of acting, before casting directors even audition people in the casting room, they actually narrow down the thousands of submissions down to just 300-400 people based on their look and resume. Your headshot alone can dictate whether you will get an audition or not and more information click here.

Importance of Headshots – How Nine9 Can Help You

When you join this company, you will get the chance to work towards improving everything about your headshots. The people at Nine9 will give you all the great help that you need so that you can move forward and get quality headshots. They have photographers and a nice looking studio that will better prepare you so that you succeed and actually get photos that best match who you are. They will coach you and let you in on things you need to bring to your sessions so you don’t miss a thing. It’s all about getting the right pictures so you get booked and get seen by the casting directors.

Nine9 wants you to land jobs, get gigs, and be acting in all the shows and movies you’ve always wanted to be in. They can open up doors and opportunities for you so easily, and it all starts with your willingness. So what is it like working with Nine9? Well, you really need to put in the work yourself and take advantage of those classes with them and take them up on their offer for headshots. They are the real deal, so join them and Nine9 of Twitter.

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End Citizens United: Fighting for Today’s Democrat Family

Many of America’s citizens are tired of hearing about the great debt that we continue to be in and not get out of. Many citizens are tired of government money quickly disappearing and reappearing, and then quickly disappearing a few days later. If you are a follower of the democrat party, or have a really good friend that is and is tired of this as well, checking out End Citizens United should be on your to-do list for today.

End Citizens United bases their belief system off of the 2010 decision by the Supreme Court to change the standards of the U.S. elections, and the continual idea that corporations are people was put into place. This led to rich millionares (or maybe billionares?) to spend lots and lots of money that is untraceable and not able to found in the American elections. And with no accountability and transparency whatsoever, this “way of living” now has some of the Democrat citizens ticked (as they should be!).

And on March 1, 2015, End Citizens United was brought about on behalf of some major donors who are also dedicated to fixing and repairing the campaign finance system. End Citizens United aims to show voters, candidates, and other elected officials that the grassroot donors of this organization are fighting until the end to stop billionares from buying more and more elections. With a broad support system and the finances to do so, End Citizens United will fight for the attention of lawyers and other high powers around them in order to get the justice they seek.

You might be wondering, “Why democrats?”. While there are some Republican supporters and voters who believe that this careless money buying and spending is totally out of control, the leadership of the Republicans in Congress is not doing much to stop this Supreme Court decision that is affecting the bank of the United States elections. And so, Citizens United believe that the best way to go about this change is to have democrat leaders in place to lead, and lead effectively!

When it comes to finances, End Citizens United is doing just fine! In just the first three months of 2017, this tough group collected over four million dollars and is planning on raising thirty five million dollars for the 2018 midterm elections for Congress. This would be huge in comparison to the twenty five million dollars that PAC took for the 2016 election, which was its first “gig” in one sense or another. While End Citizens United is similar to PAC in that they cannot accept donations larger than five thousand dollars from an individual, that has not stopped them from raising sufficient funds. End Citizens United will continue to fight until they get the justice they are seeking!



Benefits of Stock Based Loans

The global economy has changed a lot in the recent times. These changes have forced banks and lending institutions in the world to review their lending regulations. Most of these establishments have tightened their lending criteria. Borrowers say that the lending firms have added many clauses in their policies, raised the interest rates and added more loan qualifications requirements, making the whole process very complicated and difficult. Many people are not able to acquire loans to boost their businesses due to these new policies.

Equities First Holdings is a lending firm that was established several years ago, and it is focusing on changing the lives of many individuals who cannot qualify for regular loans. In a recent study, Equities First Holdings discovered that stock-based loans had gained more popularity in the recent times, and they were the choice of many businessmen. The increase in the popularity of these loans has increased because of several reasons.

According to Equities First Holdings, stock-based loans use publicly traded stocks as collateral, and they have a slightly higher LTV when compared to the margin loans which have a percentage of ten to fifty. With the margin loans, the client has to specify why they need to acquire the loan. However, with the stock-based loans, this is not necessary, and the borrowers can use their loans whoever they want. The rates on these loans are also constant, and it doesn’t change in its lifetime like the margin loans and more information click here.

Loans from Equities First are easy to process. Unlike the conventional loans where the customer has to undergo a long process that takes weeks or even months, the stock-based loans are simple. They are given fast, as long as the client has publicly traded stocks or bonds to use as collateral. The risks involved in these loans is also very minimal to the clients. Since it was established, Equities First Holdings has completed more than seven thousand transactions, and it has earned the respect of many customers in the world.

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What to Expect at the Copa Star Hospital

The Copa Star Hospital is one of the most luxurious and modern hospitals in Brazil. The hospital has been constructed and fitted with the state-of-the-art technology. Copa Star is located in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. It has become the go-to hospital for many citizens in Brazil and outside who are in need of specialized treatment. The hospital has created a luxurious environment for its patients to recover from illness or surgery. Jorge Moll is one of the founding partners of Copa Star Hospital. He stated that the hospital was designed to resemble the layout of a five-star hotel. The concept is a new one in Brazil. Read more at about Copa Star.

Patients at the Copa Star Hospital get a world-class treatment and experience at the luxurious hospital that has the most modern technology, advanced diagnostic systems, and outstanding customer service. The hospital offers therapeutic spaces and exceptional comfort for its patients. All the aspects of the interior of Copa Star Hospital are designed to accommodate the needs of each patient. Some of these aspects include lobbies that are tastefully decorated and sitting areas that are comfortable. There are the individual suites that are designed aesthetically to maximize the comfort of patients who have extended stays at the hospital.

Copa Star Hospital aims to be a global center for neurological and cardiac treatments. It has been constructed in 21,000 square meters space. It has seven floors. The hospital has 59 intensive care units and multiple recovery rooms. Structural sound concrete has been used in encasing the luxurious interior of Copa Star in order to maximize insulation. The Copa Star Hospital has employed approximately 500 professionals who have been trained on how to handle patients and deliver the best of medical service. The Copa Star Hospital has 113 doctors. They have been sourced from all over the world based on their experience and expertise.

The Copa Star Hospital features world-class technologies such as MRI machines, advanced diagnostic center, smart operating rooms, neurosurgery facilities, and robotic assistants. There is also a control system that controls different aspects of a patient’s room. A patient is able to control the room’s light, environmental feature, and curtains using an iPad. Patients can also use the iPad to communicate with the doctor and nurses. The Copa Star Hospital aims to revolutionize the manner in which medical services are offered to patients. The hospital ensures that all patients have total privacy. This makes it the ideal hospital for celebrities and other prominent personalities. The hospital took three years to complete. It featured some of the best designers and engineers in Brazil. The primary aim of the hospital was to eliminate the need for people to travel to far places seeking specialized medical attention. Visit the site Rede D’Or for more info.

Life Line Screening Leads The Way To Better Health

Life Line Screening is a company that provides comprehensive screening for people so that potential health issues can be detected. The screenings come in three forms, ultrasound, finger-stick blood screenings, and an EKG. These are all acceptable tests, and they are performed by trained personnel.

We may feel OK most of the time, but it is possible to have something going on from a medical standpoint and not know it until it is too late. Abnormalities such as the detection of blockages in the carotid arteries, abdominal arteries, and other sensitive areas can be detected by the ultrasound.

The finger-stick blood test can get results from some blood tests. Different tests include a full lipid blood panel, which measures a person’s total cholesterol, HDL and LDL measurements, glucose levels, C-reactive protein, which measures indicators for cardiovascular disease, and elevated liver enzymes.

The EKG screening can indicate if there is any atrial fibrillation which can detect the possibility of a stroke. There are many other tests and results that can be derived from the Life Line screening process, and of course, all of the results are shared with the individual’s personal doctor.

Follow Life Line Screening on Twitter.

From time to time it is important to have the results of these tests known so that a person’s medical doctor can evaluate the person’s current physical condition. Many people do not go to the doctor at all. Thus it is unknown as to how that person is fit or not fit from a medical standpoint.

Heart disease is a good example. A person can be on the way to having a heart attack, and not have any symptoms that he or she is aware of. Sometimes symptoms are so mild that people tend to shrug them off thinking they are just achy or tired. With bona fide test results from Life Line, a person’s doctor can take charge and perhaps save their life.


Understanding How Igor Cornelsen Maneuvers The Investment Industry

Being one of the best investors in Brazil, Igor Cornelsen has become a role model to various people including upcoming investors. He currently works at Bainbridge Inv Inc as a private investor and through this, gets an opportunity to help his clients. Many people consider his investment strategies to be diverse and on point conceding to the advice he gives people. His investment plans and strategies are unique and this is what enables him to stand out and become successful on His main aim when it comes to investments has always been to direct his investors to a path that is safe leading to investors enjoying long-term investments.

Igor Cornelsen majorly spends his time developing investment portfolios and strategies that will help him maneuver the industry with no problem. Over the years, Igor has gained a lot of experience that has helped him be in a position of reading the market and predicting how the stock market will behave. Through this, it becomes easy for him to identify cheap stocks for his clients to invest in with no struggles and problems. Through identifying cheap stocks, he can estimate the appropriate time when these stocks will be sold bringing about net profit on Twitter. No investor would admire his/her money to bring about losses as the primary aim of every investor is to invest in an environment filled with benefits.

Igor Cornelsen once worked as a banker in one of Brazil’s bank before he decided to retire and venture in the investment industry. While working at the bank, Igor gained a lot experience especially when it came to monitoring international monetary policies something he does till now as an investor. He always identifies his investment style as personal as he takes his time to interact with his clients while understanding their goals and desires at Through this, he gets the opportunity of knowing every investor and knowing what they want and where he can be of assistance. He believes that through establishing healthy relationships, he is able to gain his clients trust and confidence. His customers trust him as he never provides guarantees like other investors do, and he always ensures all his clients are well aware of the risks they are taking. These are among the things that make Igor unique and provide excellent results to his clients.

How Todd Lubar Found Success In The Real Estate Industry

Amongst the real estate crisis, Todd Lubar has been able to create a successful career. With his love for the real estate industry in his heart, Todd Lubar dedicated his career to learning everything he could about real estate and using that knowledge to expand his career. He formed relationships and bonds with people from all aspects of the industry including CPAs, real estate agents, insurance agents, and financial planners. Through his relationships and knowledge, he successful created multiple companies and businesses.

After years of learning about the industry and working within it, Todd Lubar created his own company. Legendary Properties, LLC is a residential development company that made reselling and rehabilitating their focus. Through this focus they become successful and Todd Lubar was able to expand his career even further. According to Yelp, he went on to develop Legendary Finical, LLC which is a company that allows people to borrow who are usually unable to borrow from traditional sources. With his knowledge of the industry, he had the knowledge and capabilities to understand who was a reliable person to lend to which caused his venture to become extremely successful. Through his knowledge and smart business choices, Todd Lubar has created a wildly successful career and continues to create more success within his career through more business ventures and opportunities.

Todd Lubar has created a successful career in an industry that was not creating many business opportunities for people. According to About.Me, through his knowledge and hard work, he has able to find success that has snowballed into a career that is anything but average. He built relationships that allowed him to gain knowledge and understanding that he used to create many successful business opportunities for him. Todd Lubar continues to be involved in many other ventures including ones that are not in the real estate industry. Check out his Facebook page for more info.