Kim Dao Prepares For Her Adventures In Paris

It is the second day in Copenhagen. Kim Dao will be shopping with Bambigirl today. Kim Dao has gotten a good amount of sleep. She is refreshed and ready for the day. She always wake up early when she visits Europe. Kim Dao has breakfast and coffee. She is now ready to go out. Kim’s cousin is picking them up to go shopping. She is going to Paris tomorrow and she needs some new outfits for her photos. She is going to edit some videos while she has the free time. Learn more:


Kim Dao and Bambigirl has made it to their destination. They are looking at the colorful houses. They stop to have lunch. They do a lot of shopping for some cute outfits. They take a break and have a snack. Kim Dao is trying on clothes but a lot of the clothes she likes are too big for her. They have finished shopping and is headed back to Central Station. They have made it back to the station and wait for the train to come. They eat some steak.


They have made it back home. Bambigirl shows what she purchased first. Bambigirl purchased clothing items, lipstick, and some other small items. She shows how the lipstick looks on her. Kim Dao purchased a nice coat and some shoes. They have some cake afterwards. They spent a few hours playing a game. Kim Dao heads to bed. She is excited about her Paris trip. She hasn’t been in three years.


Vlog here.