Dr. Jennifer Walden; Excelling In A Male-dominated Industry Is No Mean Feat

A few years ago, a young lady chose to venture into a male-dominated field of medical science. The prospects of having to spend the next decade in a classroom learning how to be a cosmetic surgeon scared her, but she was determined to build her name for herself and help many individuals who are not happy with the physical outlook of their bodies. This lady is Dr. Jennifer Walden. Today, Dr. Jennifer Walden is a seasoned plastic surgeon with vast experience in administering various surgical procedures in this discipline of medicine and learn more about Dr. Walden.

Dr, Jennifer Walden’s achievements in cosmetic surgery can speak for her. Joining a field that is touted to be male-dominated has always pushed the doctor to put in double the hours of work. As an accredited member of various professional bodies in medicine in the US, Jennifer Walden is recognized as an expert in the field of cosmetic surgery. Walden’s connections and experience in medicine are so vast to the extent that very few of her peers can compete with her.

Dr. Jennifer Walden’s outstanding service in medicine has been recognized by various institutions and organizations such as the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. Some time back, Dr, Jennifer Walden received the Herman Barnett Memorial Award for her contribution to the advancement of cosmetic surgery. Walden’s star did not start shining when she began her career. Suffice to say; the doctor was a salutatorian of her graduating class.

Having been fellowship trained by one of the industry’s best professional, Dr, Sherall Aston, Walden’s practice is at the apex of cosmetic surgery. Women who form the bulk of cosmetic surgery patients prefer Jennifer Walden because she has a better understanding of what they undergo on occasions such as childbirth and she stands a better chance of helping them get their figure back and more information click here.

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Life Line Screening Leads The Way To Better Health

Life Line Screening is a company that provides comprehensive screening for people so that potential health issues can be detected. The screenings come in three forms, ultrasound, finger-stick blood screenings, and an EKG. These are all acceptable tests, and they are performed by trained personnel.

We may feel OK most of the time, but it is possible to have something going on from a medical standpoint and not know it until it is too late. Abnormalities such as the detection of blockages in the carotid arteries, abdominal arteries, and other sensitive areas can be detected by the ultrasound.

The finger-stick blood test can get results from some blood tests. Different tests include a full lipid blood panel, which measures a person’s total cholesterol, HDL and LDL measurements, glucose levels, C-reactive protein, which measures indicators for cardiovascular disease, and elevated liver enzymes.

The EKG screening can indicate if there is any atrial fibrillation which can detect the possibility of a stroke. There are many other tests and results that can be derived from the Life Line screening process, and of course, all of the results are shared with the individual’s personal doctor.

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From time to time it is important to have the results of these tests known so that a person’s medical doctor can evaluate the person’s current physical condition. Many people do not go to the doctor at all. Thus it is unknown as to how that person is fit or not fit from a medical standpoint.

Heart disease is a good example. A person can be on the way to having a heart attack, and not have any symptoms that he or she is aware of. Sometimes symptoms are so mild that people tend to shrug them off thinking they are just achy or tired. With bona fide test results from Life Line, a person’s doctor can take charge and perhaps save their life.

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