Larkin and Lacey Frontera Fund Championing Migrant and Civil Rights in the United States

One of the biggest challenges that the world is facing at the moment is the increasing humanitarian crisis across the globe. Millions of people have lost their lives unnaturally due to the ongoing war in the Middle Eastern countries. The victims of this war are not only men but also women and children.

The humanitarian crisis that the world is facing today is considered to be the same as that during the World War II. It is the responsibility of the nations across the globe to come together to help the people in need in these countries and regions to rebuild their lives and get to safety.

It is also important to take strategic measures to protect the rights of the people and help stabilize the political and social situation of these countries.

One of the reasons why so many individuals who have fled these countries and the ongoing war can survive is due to the presence of organizations like Amnesty International, Protection International, United Nations Human Rights Foundation, Red Cross, Unicef, CARE, and more. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey:

These and hundreds of other organizations of small to large scales operate in these areas to supply essentials to the affected people, such as food, medical supplies, water, clothes, and more, to ensure that they are to sustain and survive through this crisis. In the United States as well, the people are fighting a different kind of war altogether where at the outset everything seems like is in order, but the human right atrocities are soaring.

People in the country are also not able to exercise civil rights as freely as they used to and it is one of the leading causes of concern. The authorities in many cases have exercised their duties in a very questionable manner, which has shamed the American society and the values it stands for.</p>

Two of the famous advocates of migrant rights, civil rights, and human rights in the United States are Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey. They are the co-owners of the famous media publishing house, named Village Voice Media and Phoenix New Times.

In a recent event, due to the publication of grand jury proceedings in their newspaper, the Maricopa County Sherriff Joe Arpaio arrested Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey from their homes during late hours of the night.

The reasons given behind the arrests were invalid, and it has been proven against the legal battle that Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin fought in the court of law. It is essential in today&rsquo;s world that the press is given its due freedom to be able to function independently without any filter or pressure.

Along with winning the legal battle for wrongful arrests, Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey also received an amount of $3.75 million, which they converted into the Larkin and Lacey Frontera Fund.

It is a fund they aim to use for the support of migrant rights, civil rights, and the human rights cases and to champion these and other causes they believe in. Thanks to the efforts made by such individuals, our society still has some integrity left.

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