Betsy DeVos is all About Change

Betsy DeVos was born In Holland on 8th January 1958 to Edgar and Elsar DeVos. She enjoyed a happy and fulfilled relationship with her parents, especially her dad, who loved her and taught her responsibility from an early age. Since Edgar was an influential industrialist and philanthropists in Holland, Betsy picked most of her values from her father. From a young age, Betsy showed leadership abilities and was elected to leadership posts right from the time she was in elementary school. However, Betsy’s leadership ability was formed well when she was in Calvin Michigan College, where she vied for many political posts and was elected. Former Students in the college say that Betsy always delivered her promises as a student leader and fought for the positive transformation of the institution.

Nothing much has changed about Betsy, as she is still the transformational leader, who disrupts what she dislikes. In an interview, Betsy DeVos said that she intends to leave the society better than she found it by helping make changes. Most times. Betsy and her husband implement changes through their philanthropic contributions to political and charitable courses. Mainly, Betsy says that her main area of interest is the education field, where she finds the old public system outdated and unhelpful. Consequently, for decades, Betsy and Dick have made the education sector in America a priority. The two mostly give to Charter and Voucher Schools, which they claim are better alternatives to the old public school system. Betsy says that her perspective changed decades back when she attended a meeting at the Potter’s House School, owned by the renowned televangelist Bishop Thomas Jakes. Betsy and Dick noticed that the school attracted many kids, some whose parents could not manage to pay the fees since they were higher than the public schools. However, the parents preferred the school because it offered their kids a safer learning environment. These parents struggled to raise the fees just to escape the poor public school system. From that day henceforth, Betsy and Dick vowed to support some kids pay for their education. They have since then been providing the school with some packages annually to cater for the fees of the kids, who are disadvantaged. Betsy desires to see the children enjoy a better future, and she says that the only way is to help them attain decent education.

Donald Trump recently appointed Betsy as the U.S. Secretary of Education due to her passion and vision. Betsy intends to overhaul the school system by ensuring that it meets the needs of kids from all zip codes. However, the supporters of the public system fear that she will disrupt the flow of things. Nevertheless, Betsy says he interest is the destiny of the kids in her new role.


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