End Citizens United: Fighting for Today’s Democrat Family

Many of America’s citizens are tired of hearing about the great debt that we continue to be in and not get out of. Many citizens are tired of government money quickly disappearing and reappearing, and then quickly disappearing a few days later. If you are a follower of the democrat party, or have a really good friend that is and is tired of this as well, checking out End Citizens United should be on your to-do list for today.

End Citizens United bases their belief system off of the 2010 decision by the Supreme Court to change the standards of the U.S. elections, and the continual idea that corporations are people was put into place. This led to rich millionares (or maybe billionares?) to spend lots and lots of money that is untraceable and not able to found in the American elections. And with no accountability and transparency whatsoever, this “way of living” now has some of the Democrat citizens ticked (as they should be!).

And on March 1, 2015, End Citizens United was brought about on behalf of some major donors who are also dedicated to fixing and repairing the campaign finance system. End Citizens United aims to show voters, candidates, and other elected officials that the grassroot donors of this organization are fighting until the end to stop billionares from buying more and more elections. With a broad support system and the finances to do so, End Citizens United will fight for the attention of lawyers and other high powers around them in order to get the justice they seek.

You might be wondering, “Why democrats?”. While there are some Republican supporters and voters who believe that this careless money buying and spending is totally out of control, the leadership of the Republicans in Congress is not doing much to stop this Supreme Court decision that is affecting the bank of the United States elections. And so, Citizens United believe that the best way to go about this change is to have democrat leaders in place to lead, and lead effectively!

When it comes to finances, End Citizens United is doing just fine! In just the first three months of 2017, this tough group collected over four million dollars and is planning on raising thirty five million dollars for the 2018 midterm elections for Congress. This would be huge in comparison to the twenty five million dollars that PAC took for the 2016 election, which was its first “gig” in one sense or another. While End Citizens United is similar to PAC in that they cannot accept donations larger than five thousand dollars from an individual, that has not stopped them from raising sufficient funds. End Citizens United will continue to fight until they get the justice they are seeking!



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